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Christmas Creative Challenge

Can y'all believe November is almost over? Christmas is seriously just around the corner! I have got to get busy with shopping. Our tree is up and most of the decorations are done, but I have purchased ZERO gifts. Speaking of decorations... although I have a ton of different ornaments and decorations I really feel… Continue reading Christmas Creative Challenge


DIY Glass Jar Challenge

Hello everyone, Danya here 💁🏻‍♀️ Welcome to our monthly challenge hosted by my sweet friend Terrie with Decorate and More with Tip! We were challenged to use a glass jar of any kind and create a Thanksgiving Vignette. PSSSSTTTTT.... don't forget to scroll all the way to the bottom and check out everyone else AMAZING jars! So where to start? First… Continue reading DIY Glass Jar Challenge

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Custom Jewelry Pieces

Custom Jewelry by Sincerely Silver ❤️❤️ What is THE BEST gift you have been given? What is the most MEMORABLE piece of jewelry you have? What is the best gift you could give to someone who has lost a loved one? What is something you could give to your child or spouse to tell them… Continue reading Custom Jewelry Pieces

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Host Terrie at  Who doesn't love a cute basket? Metal, twine, rope, wicker... I love all of them! I honestly never imagined I could make one, but I can and I did 👌🏽I may have burnt a few fingertips with the glue gun and made a bit of a mess, but hey I made it!!… Continue reading DIY FARMHOUSE BASKET


Black Stamped Book Set- Be Kind

DIY Stamped Book SetI love all of the different stamped book sets all over instagram, etsy, and pinterest! I have seen them in white, black, and antiqued with different short quotes, phrases, and names. So challenge accepted to do our own Stamped Book Set with decorate with Tip >> << and our friends (scroll to the… Continue reading Black Stamped Book Set- Be Kind